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Doin My Thang

2013-04-04 06:21:48 by BlackAngel1384

Popped up some low quality clips my lady caught of me practicing, kinda forgot about newgrounds for a little while. Figured I would see what people thought of the new stuff versus the old one I had up here. Hope all is well out there in that crazy internet land. =)


2009-11-09 01:09:40 by BlackAngel1384

O.k. I have much much much much more material that I play, i need to record... but my computer is FRIED, i am stuck using friends and family comps. I still play a ton of blues, but i find myself drifting into Metal/Experimental. Alot of high gain stuff, a ton of effects, and even shred. some really heavy, some not. Have more acoustic tunes as well, prolly falls under the catagory of experimental still though since much of it is a bunch of different scales and tunings kind of frankenstiened together, i just play what i feel sounds good and learn what i can teach myself from anywhere. when i get a new computer, you can be expecting somewhere around 12-13 maybe more full songs... (3-5 mins, 1 that can be 10-15 depending on how i feel when i record) thank you to those of you who really like the 1 song i have posted and ever so patiently waiting for the new tracks to roll in, i promise you won't be disappointed. Tweek Tha Gweet, Then Rock Tha Street!!!!


First i really want to start by saying thank you very much for the positive response. it's been about a year and a half now and i have come much further in my abilities. I have alot of different things that i have been working on, I am travelling alot right now and am on my way home. So hang tight the new stuff should be around soon.

On My Way Home.... Finally....


2009-03-26 01:00:53 by BlackAngel1384

Whats up peoples, i have been traveling a bit back n forth across the US and i am finally ready to start recording some new tunes. I have been workin on some new licks and i think i have some that i am about ready to record, so thank you for your wonderful patience. ROCK ON!!!

Brief Delay in Recordings

2009-01-20 18:10:27 by BlackAngel1384

sorry it's taking so long for my next musical post, i am preparing for a road trip at the moment and have been a little overwhelmed with my lessons and packing and getting tickets and blah blah blah. i promise when i return i will have something new and fresh ready to go, cya soon peoples.

Reposted A lonely Heart.

2009-01-12 15:54:18 by BlackAngel1384

I finished the recording for A lonely Heart (Krista's Song) and updated the old file, so now it's the whole song. feedback is truly appreciated, it's my first public attempt at music.

I recently submitted one of my guitar bits, it's a shortened, and i mean cut in more than half version of the full one. But i finished the recording of the full version, if all goes well i will be posting it quick like a bunny.